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Chris Person Chris Person Aug 21, 2017. 15 comments

Damnit Jaal I'm Trying To Work

Damnit Jaal I'm Trying To Work

Today on Highlight Reel we have exploding cars, surprise kills, bottle flips, an incredibly depressing Nier clip, and much more!

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Nier: Automata - 2B pulling some Super Mario tricks -...


Patricia Hernandez Patricia Hernandez Aug 17, 2017. 18 comments

Some Fans Already Want To Bang Mass Effect: Andromeda's New Alien 

Some Fans Already Want To Bang <i>Mass Effect: Andromeda's </i>New Alien 

We don’t know much about the Angara, Mass Effect’s new alien race. That’s OK, though. Some fans are already  getting flustered just thinking about having someone new to smooch.

That someone is an Angaran called Jaal, pictured above. As Eurogamer has noted, Jaal’s already got a clubhouse going on, fan art and everything. Really, it makes sense. Romance is such a big part of the franchises’...